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Bristol Street Motors Barnstaple Peugeot Champions Inclusive Football

Bristol Street Motors Barnstaple Peugeot Champions Inclusive Football

Bristol Street Motors Barnstaple Peugeot's John Ashman and Paul Hopkins with some of the teams from Devon Ability Counts League

Showcasing its commitment to community engagement and inclusivity, Bristol Street Motors Barnstaple Peugeot has sponsored two ability football tournaments.

The tournaments, catering to more than 700 players with diverse physical and mental abilities, took place at the Devon FA Newton Abbot ground in October and November.

These matches aimed to provide a platform for players who, owing to various challenges, cannot participate in mainstream grassroots football leagues. Spread across nine divisions, with seven for men and two for women, the tournaments hosted 51 teams from 15 Devon clubs.

Paul Hopkins, General Manager at Bristol Street Motors Peugeot Barnstaple, said: “Having witnessed the passion and determination of these players through the experiences of our own employee, John Ashman, whose brother plays in the local ability league, this support was a natural decision.

“We believe in fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their abilities, has a fair shot at pursuing their dreams.”

Robert Forrester, Chief Executive of Bristol Street Motors, said: “As a company deeply rooted in community values, Bristol Street Motors is immensely proud to support these tournaments. It’s fantastic to see our Peugeot dealership in Barnstable getting behind such a fantastic initiative.

“Our goal extends beyond business – it’s about ensuring that everyone in our local communities feels seen, supported, and celebrated.”

Paul Baldwin, Chairman of the Devon Ability Counts League, expressed his gratitude: “The unwavering support from Bristol Street Motors Barnstaple Peugeot is not just a sponsorship. It's a testament to the inclusive spirit that resonates with the ethos of the Ability Counts League.

“With more than 1,000 attendees including players, spectators, parents, and support staff, these tournaments are a beacon of hope and inspiration for many, and support from a big brand like Bristol Street Motors amplifies its impact.”