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Driving Sustainability

The Group has long recognised that whilst the primary objective for the business is to generate long-term sustainable profit and cash flows, this will only be achieved by serving a need society has and to meet this by adding value to the communities it serves. The Mission of the Group is to 'provide an outstanding customer motoring experience through honesty and trust'. The Group's values, which are at the heart of its culture, show that the Group always aims to do the right thing by our colleagues, and wider stakeholders.

Recent global events have reinforced the importance of local communities, the value of collaboration and the power of working together.

All of these will be vital in our collective ability to tackle some of the complex national, social, environmental and economic problems that we face.

The Group will play its part to secure its future and the future of the society it serves.

Our sustainability goals

The Group has a track record of making a positive contribution to its colleagues and to the communities we operate in, as well as a commitment to minimise cost and maximise efficiency to ensure resources are not wasted.

The Group launched in April 2021 its Driving Sustainability strategy, based around three strategic sustainability goals:

Work with our Manufacturer partners to provide increasingly sustainable choices for customers


Increase the share of the Group's sales of alternatively fuelled vehicles by a minimum 30% each year to 2030

Maintain our position as the UK's largest supplier of vehicles to the Motability fleet

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Reduce the environmental impact of our business


Deliver an annual 10% like-for-like reduction in the energy the Group draws from the national grid

70% of all dry waste to be recycled by 2025

25% of the corporate fleet to be alternatively powered by 2025

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Care for our colleagues and support communities

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At least 90% of the Colleagues to agree that the Group is a great place to work

Continue to support causes local to our dealership network applying a central support budget of £150,000 per annum

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