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Gymnast Duo to Represent Great Britain After Dealership Donation

Gymnast Duo to Represent Great Britain After Dealership Donation

Two young gymnasts from Washington will represent Great Britain in a Europe-wide competition after receiving support from Bristol Street Motors Sunderland Hyundai.

Keira Redford, 16, and her competition partner Jessica Hodgeson, 12, were selected to represent Great Britain after winning gold medals at the English and British Championships.

Due to lack of funding, the gymnasts need to find roughly £3,000 for the cost of travel, accommodation, living expenses and equipment, which alone will cost more than £1,000. The girls and their families have raised some money through different fundraising activities with their club, South Tyneside Gym Club, but after writing a heartfelt letter to Bristol Street Motors’ Chief Executive, Robert Forrester, they have received a welcome boost of £1,000 through their local dealership’s support.

Robert Forrester, Chief Executive of Bristol Street Motors, said: “We believe in supporting and nurturing talent, whether it is in a car showroom or in the gymnasium. Keira and Jessica have put the work in to get to this stage, training six days a week for years and winning some very prestigious competitions.

“I am very proud that Bristol Street Motors Sunderland Hyundai has been able to support them on their journey to the next stage of their careers; we all wish them luck in Bulgaria!”

Keira Redford, elated by the sponsorship, expressed her gratitude, saying: "Jessica and I are incredibly grateful to Mr Forrester, Mr Smith and everyone at Bristol Street Motors Sunderland Hyundai for their generous support. Competing at the European Championships is a dream come true for us and we’ve worked very hard to get here with Oliver Mattinson, our coach. Without him none of this would have been possible.

“This sponsorship brings us one step closer to representing Great Britain and making our community, friends and family proud. We promise that if we pick up a medal, we’ll be back to visit the dealership!"

Craig Smith, General Manager at Bristol Street Motors Sunderland Hyundai, said: “Both Keira and Jessica have shown great dedication to reach the European Championships and we’re really pleased to be able to help them do their best in Bulgaria.

“Not only are they champions of England and Britain, but now they’re in the running to be the champions of Europe! We’re wishing them all the best and hope to see them in the dealership with another medal around their necks soon. Good luck, Keira and Jessica!”